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Green Feathers Camera 3rd Gen - Getting Started

If you've just purchased a WiFi Bird Box Camera 3rd Gen from us, this might be your first hands-on experience with a camera like it, so this guide should answer your questions and help you get set up. First thing, make sure that the camera you have i

Why has my Wi-Fi bird box camera gone offline?

This guide will help you troubleshoot the cause of your Wi-Fi bird box camera going offline, and hopefully help you get it back online. We will be checking everything that is involved in making the camera work, starting in the house then moving towar

Wireless Analogue Bird Box Camera - setup guide and troubleshooting (NC701G)

This guide shows you how to set up and troubleshoot your Wireless Analogue Bird Box Camera (NC701G / GFTX1GB-B02 ). Please note, we have recently changed designs on the camera, if your camera matches the picture above is our new design, if your camer

Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure PSTI

Vulnerability Disclosure Police. The UK Product Security and Telecommunications Infrastructure (PSTI) policy is a new policy which has come into effect from 29 April 2024. This policy is designed to help improve security levels of products and requir