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Why has my Wi-Fi bird box camera gone offline?Updated a month ago

This guide will help you troubleshoot the cause of your Wi-Fi bird box camera going offline, and hopefully help you get it back online. 

We will be checking everything that is involved in making the camera work, starting in the house then moving towards the camera.

Sometimes, the simplest advice applies; if you have a problem that doesn't seem to be caused by a physical fault, just turning the camera off and on again can resolve the issue.

Check your internet

  • Make sure the Wi-Fi router, Wi-Fi extender, or Wi-Fi bridge that the camera is connected to is still on; most people use Wi-Fi devices so it is normally quite obvious if your Wi-Fi router has been turned off or stopped working.
  • Make sure the Wi-Fi router still has an internet connection; if your phone can connect to the Wi-Fi router but you get a message saying "no internet connection" you will be unable to view the camera unless connected to the same Wi-Fi network as the camera.
  • If you have recently replaced your internet router or reset your current one, you will need to reset the camera and re-connect it.

Check your phone/tablet/computer

  • Make sure the device you're using to view the camera is still connected to the internet.
  • Try viewing the camera on a different device; if this works then the issue likely lies with the device you were using previously.

Check the connections

  • Check that the power supply is working; if possible use a voltmeter to test it or use it to power another device that uses the same type of power supply (12V, 1A, 2.1mm jack size).
  • If you are using an extension lead, inspect it to check it hasn't been cut at any point along the length.
  • Check the power jacks on the power supply, the extension lead (if you have one), and the power input on the camera to see if they are corroded or rusted at all; if so then try cleaning them and gently use some wool wire if you have any.
  • Try the power supply for your camera in a different plug socket.
  • Connect your camera to the power supply without an extension lead if you are using one.

Check the camera

  • Touch the camera to check if it is warm; after being on for about ten minutes it should be noticeably warm, if not then this is an indication the camera is not receiving power.
  • Check the reset button on the camera and make sure it isn't rusted or broken; if the button malfunctions due to water damage (among other reasons) it may become stuck and cause the camera to continuously reboot. Try loosening the button by pressing it repeatedly or clean out the area around the reset button.
  • Check the antenna for damage or if it's been pecked at by any birds, and give it a gentle tug to make sure it is still attached to the circuit board. The antenna should look like this if it is not damaged:

Try resetting and setting up again

  • If the camera is still receiving power and seems to be working properly, but does not connect to the Wi-Fi router still, it is a good idea to try resetting the camera and setting it up again. Depending on the model of camera you have, the method of resetting and setting up will vary so it is best to check your camera manual or look at this guide if you're not sure: Which camera do I have?

The camera still keeps dropping offline even with an extender in place.

  • If you are inputting a wifi extender, always try and make the extender its own Acess point (with its own SSID) as when you set up the camera, there is an option to input wifi details, it is always best to make the camera look for the extender, cause if you input your main router, it could be the camera is looking for one further away, causing the camera to drop offline.

Need more help?

If you need help with anything else please check out our other guides or get in contact.


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