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Watching your Green Feathers camera with Amazon Fire TV StickUpdated 9 months ago

This guide will show you how to watch your Green Feathers Wi-Fi or wired IP camera on your TV, using an Amazon Fire TV Stick.

Before you begin

You will need a 1st, 2nd or 3rd Gen Green Feathers camera that has been connected to the internet. If you have a Green Feathers camera that connects to an internet router then it will be able to connect to the TV using the methods detailed below. 

You will also need an Amazon Fire TV Stick, which has been connected to your TV and Wi-Fi router already.


There are two ways of using the Fire TV Stick to send the video feed from the camera to your TV. 

  1. The first way is to use Screen Mirroring which is easiest, but requires a device running Android OS 4.2 that supports Miracast. Alternatively you can use a Windows PC that supports Wireless Display (MiDi). You will also need an Amazon Fire TV Stick that supports screen mirroring. See here for more information:
  2. The second method is a bit more complicated, but doesn't require a phone or computer to act as the intermediary device; the video feed from the camera is sent straight from the camera to the Fire TV stick. This is done by entering an 'RTSP stream' link into the Amazon Fire TV stick; this will be explained further on.

Screen mirroring

First thing to do is turn on 'Display Mirroring' on your Fire TV stick. Hold down the home button the Fire TV stick remote for a few seconds, which will open the menu shown below. Select 'Mirroring':

You will see the below screen appear, and your Fire TV stick will appear as a connectible device on the Windows 10 or Android device you want to connect it to:

Windows 10

Now make sure you have set up the camera so you can view it on your Windows 10 PC. 

For 3rd Gen cameras:

WiFi Bird Box Camera 3rd Gen view and record on Windows/Mac

WiFi Bird Box Camera 3rd Gen viewing in a web browser

For 1st or 2nd Gen cameras:

1st & 2nd Gen bird box cameras add to additional devices or computers

Access your IP bird box camera using Internet Explorer or Google Chrome

Once that's done, go to the Settings menu on your PC. Select 'Display' then scroll down and click 'Connect to a wireless display' at the bottom:

A menu will appear on the right side, and it will begin searching for the Fire TV Stick. When it appears, just click on it to connect.


First thing, make sure your camera is set up and can be viewed on your phone or tablet. Go into the settings menu on your Android device and turn on 'Screen Sharing'. If this option isn't available then your device is probably not compatible with Miracast (like Google Pixel phones). Once screen sharing is turned on then the device will search for the Fire TV stick, just tap on it to mirror your phone/tablet display to the screen which the Fire TV stick is connected to.

Streaming directly to the Fire TV stick

First thing, find out what your RTSP stream link is for your camera, then check that it works using this guide:

Making an RTSP stream for a Wi-Fi or wired IP bird box camera

Now select 'Find' on the home menu of your Fire TV stick, then select 'Search':

Search for VLC, and download it:

Once it's downloaded and installed, open VLC and go to Browsing > Streams:

Press the middle button on the remote to select the text box, then enter the RTSP stream you found earlier using your computer:

Once it's been entered, select 'Next' and the stream will begin loading:

Need more help?

If you need help with anything else please check out our other guides or get in contact.


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