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Green Feathers 3rd Gen sharing to other devicesUpdated a month ago

This guide shows you how to share your camera so friends and family can see the live view from the camera and watch your recorded footage. Please note that if the camera has been shared to your account this does not allow you to change the settings, you will only be able to watch the live and recorded footage.

If you would like the account you're sharing the cameras with to have access to the settings, please read step 'Before you begin', then skip to step 4.

  •  Before you begin
  • 1. Video - watch our short video to guide you through the process
  • 2. Let’s get started
  • 3. Entering the details of the other account
  • 4. Creating and sharing your 'home' to other users
  • Need more help?

Before you begin

The person you're sharing the camera with will need to download the app and create an account. Please note that the account that the camera is being shared to will need to have the same region selected as the main account. For example, if you live in the UK, and you want to share your camera with a friend in Spain, your friend in Spain will need to set their account to be in the UK region.


Download the Green Feathers app for Android from the Google Play store by clicking here.

Download the Green Feathers app for iOS from the App Store store by clicking here.

1. Video - watch our short video to guide you through the process

2. Let’s get started

Go to the live feed of the camera and open the settings menu by selecting the pen and paper icon at the top right of the screen.

Scroll to the bottom then select 'Share Device'.

If you want to share to a known email address that has been used to make a Green Feathers account, select 'Share with the Account Green Feathers'. If you want to send someone a link to share the camera, so they can make their own account later, select the copy button at the bottom:

3. Entering the details of the other account

Select the correct region that their device is located in, enter the email address they used to register for an account, then select 'Done'.

You will now be presented with the Device Sharing screen again, with the account listed below:

The device should now appear in the app on the other persons device. If it does not do so immediately, you can restart the app, or disconnect and reconnect the device to the internet.

4. Creating and sharing your 'home' to other users

If you would like to share multiple cameras to another user, and to allow them to access the camera settings, you will need to set up a 'home' in the app then share this home with another user. 

First, open the app, log in, then select 'Me' at the bottom right.

Select 'Create a home'.

Set a name for the home, a location (optional), and choose which rooms you'd like to include.

Now select the home you have just created. Select 'Add member' then 'App account', then enter the email address of the account you'd like to share your cameras to. If you'd like this account to be able to share the room with more accounts, you can set it to 'Administrator' under 'Family Role'.

The account which your 'home' has been shared to will now have full access to the camera settings.

Need more help?

If you need help with anything else please check out our other guides or get in contact.

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