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Getting started with your Transmitter and Receiver packUpdated 23 days ago

Getting Started with your Transmitter and Reciever pack

Setting up your new transmitter (TX) and receiver (RX) pair is nice and simple. While you have both of them in the house and near each other power them on.

  1. 1. Connect the TX (Transmitter) and RX (Receiver) to a power source.
    1. The red and blue indicator light will flash 3 times, if there is a connection between the two all the lights will be on. The red lights indicate how strong a signal you are getting, the more lights the stronger the signal. 
    2. If you have no lights the devices need pairing.
    3. To re-pair your devices press and hold the pair button on the transmitter, while pressing the button press and hold the button on the receiver. The blue light will flash during the pairing process.
  2. Use an ethernet lead from your Transmitter to the camera using the waterproof connections.
  3. Run an ethernet lead from the Receiver to your router/network using the waterproof connections.

Wiring up the waterproof connector

  1. Feed the cap over the ethernet cable.
  2. Now feed the rubber connector over, you will see one side has less of a cutout on it and the other. The side with less of a cutout wants to fit towards peace 1.
  3. Feed part 3 over the cable as shown in the image, part 2 will fit into the end of number 3.
  4. You will have a small rubber ring that can fit onto the end of number 4.
  5. Plug the ethernet cable into number 4.
  6. Connect number 3 and number 4 together and then screw 1 which is the cap onto 3.,

This will now have your cable connected and nicely sealed.

Need more help?

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