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3rd Gen camera set up with Google Home Hub (GFWF3, NCIP3WF, GFWF3B, GFIP320BWF)Updated 9 months ago

Purpose of the guide

This guide will show you how to link your 3rd Gen Green Feathers camera to a Google Home Hub, so you can view the live feed of the camera by simply telling your Home Hub device to display it.

Before you begin

You will need a 3rd Gen Green Feathers camera that has been connected to the internet.

You will need a Google Home Hub device.

You will need the Google app on your phone or tablet (Google Play or Apple App store), logged into your Google account.

If you have any smart devices in your home that work with the Tuya Smart app, and you want to use your Green Feathers camera alongside these smart devices with your Google Home, you will need to set the camera up using the Tuya Smart app instead:

WiFi Bird Box Camera 3rd Gen setup via Tuya Smart App

WiFi Bird Box Camera 3rd Gen setup via Tuya Smart App (alternative method)

This is an important step; we need you to send us your 'Device ID' so we can activate your camera. You can find this by opening the live feed of the camera(s) you want to activate, then opening the settings menu. Next select 'Device Information'. On that screen you will see the Device ID, a string of numbers and letters. You can hold your finger on the device ID and an option to copy that will appear. 

Now you need to create a support ticket, and send us the device ID. Make sure that the subject of your email begins with 'Google Activation' so we can see to your request quickly.


Google devices use 'Actions' (comparable to a mobile phone app) to connect to smart devices like our cameras, allowing them to be controlled via the Google device. This is useful for many things, but in this case it's a very handy feature allowing you to view the live feed from your camera without having to open the app on your phone.

Let’s get started

Now that you have a 3rd Gen Green Feathers camera and Google Home Hub device connected to your internet, we need to connect your Google Home account to the Smart Life service that will allow the camera to stream to the Google Home device.

Open the Google app on your phone/tablet and tap the + icon in the top left of the screen:

Now select 'Set up device':

Now select 'Works with Google':

Search for 'Green Feathers' and select it from the list:


Now load up the Green Feathers app and load up the camera you wish to add.

Go into the settings menu and tap Google Home button

Tap the Get button by link with verification code and copy the code.

Finally, tap 'Authorize':

Now you will be able to say "Hey Google, show camera", and it will show the live feed from your camera. Alternatively you can use the specific name that you have assigned for the camera in the Green Feathers app. For example if you have assigned the name 'Bird box camera' then you can say "Hey Google, stream bird box camera".

You can assign a name to the camera in the Google Home app, but this does not affect the name assigned in the Green Feathers app. 

You may find it useful to assign a simple name to the camera so it will be easily understood by the Google Home.

Next Steps

We hope you have found this guide useful. If it has not answered your question you can see related articles on the right or raise a ticket.

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